Town Minutes

The Homer Town Minutes are in bound books kept in a vault at the town offices under the care of the Town Historian, Martin Sweeney, and the Town Board.  In 2012, my husband and I took digital images for the town.  There are some digital images of some of these pages under Images/Historical Documents.  The Town has plans to make them all available online in the future.  Below is a transcription of the minutes for this time period.

There is a lot of genealogical useful information in the town minutes since many residents are mentioned as town officials, pathmasters, fence viewers, etc.  

According to the 1836 Gazetteer of the state of New York: “There are chosen, at the annual town meeting in each town, one supervisor, one town clerk, not less than three, nor more than five assessors, one collector, two overseers of the poor, three commissioners of highways, three commissioners and three inspectors of common schools, not more than five constables, one town sealer of weights and measures, as many overseers of highways as there are road districts in the town, except in the counties of Suffolk, Queens, Kings and Richmond; and so many pount masters, as the electors may determine.” (p. 157)

Page 1
[S]tate of New York
Onondaga County SS. Whereas the Town of Homer, in said county, on the fifth Day of April, did neglect to appoint the necessary Town officers for the year thousand seven hundred and ninety five. And whereas by a law passed on the seventh day of March one thousand seven hundred and Eighty Eight. directing three justices Of the peace of said county to nominate and under their hands and seals to appoint such officers as said act is specified – Therefore We Asa Danforth, Hezekiah Olcott & Daniel Keeler three of the justices of the peace appointed in and for said county. Nominate and by these presents to appoint

John Miller Esq,                          Supervisor for 1795
Peter Ingersoll                             Town Clerk
Thos. L. Bishop                           Assessors     /Town of Homer
Moses Hopkins                                               /House of John Miller
Joseph Beebe                                                 /Signed this 9th May 179?
Daniel Minor
Roderick Beebe
Samuel Benedict                         Commissioners of highway
David Russell
Moses Hopkins
Joseph Beebe                             Overseers of the poor
Christopher Whitney
John House                                Constable
John House                                Collector
Asa Danforth                               Justices of the peace
Hezekiah Olcott
Daniel Keeler

Town of Homer, House of John Miller, signed this 9th May 179? [unreadable]

Page 2

[Note-There is white binding tape down the left side of this page, obstructing some of the writing.]
The first Annual town meeting held at the House of John Miller Esq in Homer on fifth day of April 179_ [torn edge-probably 1796]
Proceeded as follows vez.
John Miller                        Supervisor
Peter Ingersoll                   Town Clerk
Ezra Rockwell                   Assessors
Billy Trowbridge
Daniel Miner
Francis Strong
David Russell
Jacob Bishop
Roderick Beebe                 Collectors
Barzilla Russell
Zera Beebe                       Overseers of the Poor
Francis Strong
Zera Beebe                       Commissioners of Highways
Thomas Bishop
Oliver Tuttle
Barzilla Russell                  Constables
Zera Beebe

William Tuttle                    Overseer of Highways
Ebenezer Jones      
Zera Beebe
Samuel Benedict
Joseph Beebe
Solomon Hubbard
John Morse
Elnathan Baker                 Fence Viewer
George Trowbridge
John Bingham
David Jackson
John House
Moses Hopkins
Voted that every man make his own pound
Voted that Hogs run at large without yokes or rings
Voted that fences be made four feet and one half high and not to exceed four inches between logs
Voted that the town meeting the ensuing year be held at the House of John Miller Esq.
John Miller sworn as Supervisor
Peter Ingersoll as Town Clerk
Billy Trowbridge, Daniel Minor, Francis Strong, David Russell, Jacob Bishop, sworn As Assessors
Roderick Beebe, Barzilla Russell sworn as Collectors and Constables
Zera Beebe, Thomas L. Bishop, Oliver Tuttle, sworn as Commissioners of of Highways
Zera Beebe, Ozias Strong, sworn as overseers of the poor