What is a One Place Study?

‘One-place  studies  are  a  branch  of  family  history  with  a  focus  on  the  entire population  of  a  single  village  or community, not  just  a  single,  geographically dispersed  family  line’,  Wikipedia  states.

Why Homer, NY?

I do not live in Homer, although I live about 40 minutes away.  I did live in Homer as a child up until age 8, and have many fond memories of the town.  My grandparents lived in Homer for most of their married life, my mother and aunt grew up there, my great grandparents lived and worked there, and back a number of generations, my ancestor Stephen Knapp was one of the founding settlers.  Homer is one of those wonderful historic NY towns that has preserved its heritage.  The streets are lined with wonderful historic buildings, many of them pictured on this web site.  Homer is rich in heritage and a delight to visit, both important qualities for a study that will no doubt take much of my time over the years.  I am hopeful that others who also love this little village and town will join me in this project, sharing their stories and artifacts to make this study a meaningful resource for anyone interested in this area.





#1 – Collaborators – Please join the project.  There are many records to explore and ideas to follow.

#2 – Stories.  Every family has stories of their Homer ancestors.  Please share yours so we can have a real picture of Homer and its residents.

#3 – Genealogies with sources.  Please share the details of your geneallogies as they relate to the early years of Homer so we can be sure our facts are correct.

#4 – Artifacts.  Help us bring the site to life with scans of photographs and documents related to Homer.

#5 – Sources.  Know of a source we should use to make this site more interesting and complete?  Please share your ideas.


Project Status



√ – 1800 Homer Census – transcribed into pioneer database

√ – 1820 Homer Census – transcribed into pioneer database

√ – 1830 Homer Census – transcribed into pioneer database

√ – 1879 Homer Town Maps with name indexes

√ – Current pictures of historical buildings on Main Street posted

√ – 1869 Homer Business Directory – full transcription completed – [next steps are to incorporate the information into the pioneer database, compile an occupation and business listing to be compared to other time frames, and a listing by location.]

In progress – Atwater Cemetery transcription currently being entered into pioneer database (entries for individuals born prior to 1900 only)

√- Glenwood Cemetery transcription and Find-A-Grave entries currently being referenced in pioneer database (entries for individuals born prior to 1900 only)