1887 Homer Directory

Below is a partial transcription of the Parson’s Cortland County Directory, Homer Village section:


Last Name/Business First Name Middle Occupation Home/Business Street Location Street Page
Abbott Frank   dealer in horses h   Hudson 199
Adams L. T.   wood worjer, secretary Homer brass band h   railroad station 199
Adsit Edward   trimmer bds   Hotel Windsor 199
Allen Albert   engineer C.S. Brown’s bds off Water 199
Allen Darius H. insurance agent h rear postoffice 199
Allen Harriet D. widow of Arad F. bds rear postoffice 199
Allen Henry   machinist h off Water 199
Allen Orville   insurance agent h rear postoffice 199
Allen Oscar   painter h   William 199
Allen William   retired h   James 199
R. BEARD & SON     Best Chamber Suits and Parlor Furniture       199
Alvord Betsey   widow of Reuben h 48 Cayuga 199
Alvord Lydia A. widow of Wm. h 55 James 199
Alvord Wm. N. painter h 21 William 199
ANDREWS OSSIAN B. grocer and village trustee b   S. Main, cor Pine 199
ANDREWS OSSIAN B. grocer and village trustee h   N. Main 199
Andrus Leander H. carpenter h 61 James 199
ANTISDEL CHARLES   horse dealer bds   Hotel Windsor 199
Arnold David H. milk peddler h   Cayuga, cor Cherry 199
Arnold Edwin D. blacksmith h   Prospect 199
Arnold John J. wood worker h   Clinton 199
Atwater Emily   resident off   S. Main 200
ATWATER J. CLAYTON (Atwater & Kellogg) h 3 Clinton 200
ATWATER & KELLOGG (J.C. Atwater and W.A. Kellogg)   druggists and booksellers     Keator block, Main 200
Babcock Mrs.     h 31 Cortland 200
Babcock Marshall   carpenter h   N. Cemetery 200
Babcock Oscar   laborer h 70 Cortland 200
Babcock Wesley   teamster h   N. Cemetery 200
Babcock Wm. A. painter h   N. Cemetery 200
Bacon Mary   widow of Charles h 18 James 200
Bacon Mary   widow of Ansel h   James 200
Bagg James H. retired h   Cayuga, cor Fulton 200
Baker Chancy A. trimmer bds   William 200
Baker Edwin   trimmer bds   William 200
Baker Hannah M. widow of Valentine h   William 200
Baker Jerome B. retired h   Cayuga 200
George I. Pruden makes a Specialty of Babies’ Photos             200
Baldwin Alfred   laborer h   S. Main 200
Baldwin Fanny Mrs.   h   High 200
Ballard Charles   laborer h 46 1/2 Cortland 200
Ballard Thomas   laborer h 4 Pine 200
Ballard Thomas M. gardner h   S. Main 200
Barber Jane E. widow of Paris bds   Clinton 200
Barker Mary Mrs.   h   Cayuga 200
Bartlett Edgar D. farmer h   Cayuga 200
Bassett Lorenzo S. carriage painter h   James 200
Bates Alexander   carriage maker     James, h do 200
Bates Charles E. peddler h   James, cor Bartlett ave 200
Bates Charles H. emp Brockway’s h   James 200
Bates Horton L. painter h 5 Wall 200
Bates John   painter h   Elm ave 200
Bates Lemuel F. painter h   James, cor Fulton 200
Bates Ransford D. upholsterer bds   James, cor Fulton 200
Bates Salina   widow of John h 21 Warren 200
Bates William H. trimmer bds   James, cor Fulton 200
Beach William   farmer h   Clinton 200
Bean Arthur R. sec’y and treas. Cortland and Homer Oil Cloth Co. h   Binghamton 200
Bean Henry T. with William bds   Cortland 201
Bean Samuel   retired h   Cortland, cor Cayuga 201
Bean William   pres. Cortland and Homer Oil Cloth Co. h   Cortland 201
Bean William A. manuf. carriage oil cloth h   Cortland 201
Belden Joseph D. shoemaker h   N. Cemetery 201
Bell John   farmer h   Cayuga 201
Bell Menzo   laborer h 68 Cortland 201
Bell William R. emp. Brockway’s h   N. Cemetery 201
Bellows Sarah A. widow of Isaac N. h   Cayuga 201
Bemis Henry   carpenter h   Bartlett ave 201
Benedict Ethel C. postmaster, Postoffice building, Main h   do 201
Benedict Mary M. Mrs. assistant postmaster h   Postoffice building, Main 201
Bennett Augustus H. cashier Homer National Bank h   Clinton 201
Bennett Caroline   widow of Charles h   Spring 201
LAWN TENNIS at Sherwood’s           Cortland 201
Bennett Harrison   cooper bds   Spring 201
Bennett John   shoemaker h   Center 201
Bennett John W. shoemaker h   Spring 201
BENNETT WILLIAM W. grocer, N. Main, cor James bds   W. James 201
Bentley Andrew J. mason h 91 S. Main 201
Billings Paul   (Paul Billings & Co.) h     201
Billings Paul & Co.   (R.E. Billings) E. N. Walker, manager, dealers in baled hay, grain and produce     Fulton 201
Billings R. E.   (Paul Billings & Co.)       201
Bishop Osander   retired h   Cayuga 201
Bissell     blacksmith bds 20 James 201
Bixby Lottie   widow of Charles h   N. Main 201
Blanchard Alvira   widow of Silas h   Cayuga 201
Blaney Harrison   mail agent, Syracuse to New York h 43 N. Main 201
Blanshan Russell   retired h 12 Warren 201
Blashfield Mary A.   h 4 Pine 201
Blashfield Zenas M.   bds   James 201
Blinn Edward   painter bds   James 201
Bly Harry   cabinet maker h   Fulton 202
Bockes Edward J. tanner h   Mill 202
Bolden Samuel   barber h   Center 202
Borst Silas   carriage trimmer h 40 Cortland 202
Bosworth Ann   resident h 6 Albany 202
Bosworth Polly   resident h 6 Albany 202
Bovee Orlando A. carpenter and joiner h 22 Warren 202
Bowen L. L. D. Miss   h   Clinton 202
Bradford George D. physician and surgeon h   Cayuga cor Cortland 202
Branch Sanford   laborer h   James 202
Breed O. C.   sec’y and treas. Fisher Mfg. Co. h   Cayuga 202
Brewer Louise A. widow of Anasa h 92 S. Main 202
Brewster Elizabeth A. widow of William h off S. Main 202
Briggs Fred   clerk bds 61 James 202
Briggs Frederick   clerk for Kingsbury & Daniels bds   Hotel Windsor 202
Brink Jay B. mechanic h   Elm ave 202
Write to Bronson & Lathrop for Prices of their Popular Brands.             202
Brink Margaret Mrs. boarding-house     James, near cor Main 202
Brockman James   painter bds   James 202
Brockway George A. cashier for W. N. Brockway h   James 202
Brockway H. S.   supt. for W. N. Brockway h 3 James 202
Brockway W. N.   manuf. of carriages     James h do 202
Brown Charles L. cigar manuf.     Brown block, N. Main, h Clinton 202
Brown Charles S. prop. pf planing-mill h   Clinton 202
Brown Charles W. laborer h 88 S. Main 202
Brown Clay D. shop hand bds   Clinton 202
BROWN FRANK H. meat market, Homer National Bank Building, Pine bds   Gillson House 202
Brown Frank L. clerk at Cortland h   Cortland 202
Brown Jesse   laborer h   James 202
BROWN JOHN W. (Paddock & Brown) h 151 N. Main 202
Brown Loren T. foreman Gage, Hitchcock & Co. h   James 202
Brown Warren   retired h 151 N. Main 202
Branswick Saloon The   Frank Forshee, prop.     Keator block, Main 203
Bryant John G. cigar manuf.      Taylor & Schermerhorn block, Main, h do 203
Buchanan Robert   blacksmith h 4 Pine 203
Buckley John   section boss D. L. & W. R. R. h 2 Warren 203
Buckley Michael   laborer h   Cortland 203
Bunn Dorliska   widow of Samuel h   James 203
Bunn Joseph D. mill-wright h   S. Main 203
Bunn J. P.   farner h   River 203
BUNN WILLIAM O. cigar manuf.   2 S. Main; h 129 N. Main 203
Burcher William   emp. Brockway’s bds 51 S. Main 203
Burdick, M.D. D. W.   physician and surgeon h 50 N. Main 203
Burdick Elizabeth   widow of William M. h   Cayuga 203
Burdick J. S.   emp. Brockway’s h   James 203
R. BEARD & SON, Best Feather Springs and Mattresses              
Burke James   laborer h   William 203
Burnham Eliza   widow of Ralph, boarding-house h   James 203
Burnham John   teamster h   Bartlett ave 203
Burns Barley   laborer h   Cortland 203
Burns Brothers (Daniel C. and Thomas M.)   news dealers, tobacco, confectionery, &c.     James cor. Cortland 203
Burns T. N.   widow h   James cor. Cortland 203
Burrows James O. emp. Brockway’s h   S. Main 203
Butler Ed   emp. Brockway’s h 8 Grove 203
Butler Melvin   carpenter h   Cayuga 203
Button Hannah     bds   Fulton cor Cayuga 203
BUTTON LEWIS W. (Griffin & Button) h   Cayuga cor Cortland 203
Campe Charles B. clerk for Newcomb & Deyo bds 11 James 203
Carey John   painter bds   James 203
Carl Harry   laborer h   High 203
Carpenter Frank D. shop hand h 62 James 203
Carpenter William   emp. Gage, Hitchcock & Co. h 9 Pine 203
Chamberlain Kate   widow h   N. Main 204
Champlin George   farmer h   Clinton 204
Chapman Albertus   tanner h   High 204
Chapman Asa   laborer h   Prospect 204
Chapman Dwight   laborer h   Cayuga 204
Chapman Harrison   emp. Brockway’s h   Prospect 204
Chapman Warren   laborer h   High 204
Chatterton C. Mrs. milliner     S. Main 204
Chatterton J. R.   carpenter h   S. Main 204
Chittendon Olivia   widow of Giles h   S. Main, cor Albany 204
Chollar Harriet N. boarding-house   20 James 204
Chollar Thomas D. retired h   N. Main 204
Church Isaac   laborer h   Cayuga 204
Clapp Clarisa D. widow of Justin B. h 22 James 204
Clark Allen   shop hand h   N. Cemetery 204
Clark Ela E. painter bds   James, cor Fulton 204
Clark James V. A. teamster h 12 Wall 204
Call and See Photographs, Large Size, at George I. Pruden’s              
Clark J.   painter h   Elm ave 204
Clark Lucius L. painter h 6 Pine 204
Clark S. N.   supt. for Cobb & Hooker h 91 S. Main 204
Clark Ursula   widow of Dwight h   James, cor Fulton 204
Clark Warren S.   h   W. James 204
Clark Wm. L. carriage maker h   River 204
Cleary Michael F pres. Homer Mfg. Co. S. Main h   at Cortland 204
Cleary Minnie F. sec’y and treas. Homer Mfg. Co. S. Main h   at Cortland 204
COATS JOHN M. surveyor, conveyancer and notary public, insurance agent, and butter dealer, Taylor & Schermerhorn block, Main h   N. Main 204
Cobb Eliza   widow William h   William 204
Cobb & Hooker     manufs. of butter tubs   91 S. Main 204
Coggeshall Cyrus   store     N. Main 204
Coggeshall Kate M. manager Western Union telegraph office bds   N. Main 204
Cogswell Frank J. clerk for F. H. Smith bds 51 S. Main 204
Coil Helen   widow of William h   Grove 204
Collins Mrs.   widow of Thomas h   Cherry 205
Collins Chester A. (C. A. Collins & Son) h 52 N Main 205
Collins C. A. & Son (William C.)   clothiers and merchant tailors     Zimmer block, Main 205
Collins William C. (C. A. Collins & Son) bds 52 N. Main 205
Comstock     laborer h   Cayuga cor Cherry 205
Conant     kalsominer and paper-hanging h   Clinton 205
Conway Mary   widow of Patrick bds 46 Cortland 205
Conway Patsey   carriage trimmer bds 73 Cayuga 205
Conway Rose   widow of Martin h 73 Cayuga 205
Cook Emily     h   Cayuga 205
Cook Lydia     h   Cayuga 205
Cook Lydia S. resident bds   Cortland 205
Cooker John   tailor h   S. Main 205
Coon Harvey   painter h 7 Pine 205
Coon William   teacher bds   James 205
COPELAND GEORGE N. president First National Bank, real estate dealer h   Copeland ave, cor Cortland 205
HAMMOCKS at SHERWOODS’, Cortland             205
Corbin Delette   widow of Leroy h   William 205
Corey Frances   widow of D. B. h 55 N. Main 205
Corl John   retired farmer h 26 Warren 205
Cortland and Homer Oil Cloth Co., limited     William A. Bean, pres; A. R. Bean, sec’y and treas.; D. K. Falkner, supt. Preston ave       205
Cotter Mary E. (Cotter & Raycroft) h over National Bank 205
Cotter & Raycroft     (Mary E. Cotter and Ella Raycroft) milliners   over Homer National Bank 205
Couch John   clerk for Wilber & Wright bds   Cortland 205
Cough Ellen   widow of George h 73 Cayuga 205
Cough George   laborer h 60 Cortland 205
Coventry Lillie   widow of Sherman h 7 Fulton 205
Coyle Frank   hunter h   River 205
Cox William H. farmer h 14 Grove 205
Craft Almira   widow of Gardner C. bds   Cayuga 205
Craft Morris G. stock cutter at Brockway’s bds   Cayuga 205
Crane Ellis   student bds 54 Cayuga 206
Crane Samuel   retired farmer h 54 Cayuga 206
Crane William H. cashier First National Bank h   Main 206
Crigue Charles   laborer h   N. Main 206
Crofoot O. S. Mrs. (E. S. Dresser & Co.) h 12 Clinton 206
Crofoot Vine   widow of Wellington h 12 Clinton 206
Curtis Lewis   blacksmith h 40 Clinton 206
Curtis Myron   painter h   Copeland ave 206
Daley Cornelius   emp. Brockway’s bds 49 S. Main 206
Dalrymple William S. farmer h   Clinton, cor Warren 206
DANES CHARLES H. (Stevens & Danes) h   Albany 206
Danes Thomas   painter h 21 Grove 206
Daniels George D. (Kingsbury & Daniels) vice pres. Wire Fabric Co. h   Cayuga 206
Darby Harriet Mrs. housekeeper   3 Albany 206
Darby Henry   miller h   Clinton 206
Darby Miles   book-keeper for Maxson & Starin h 4 Mill 206
Bronson & Lathrop, Mfgrs. Of Havana Cigars, Main St., Cortland, N.Y.             206
Darby Sarah   widow of Lyman h 4 Mill 206
DARBY WM. H. custom and flouring mill, Water h   Clinton 206
Darling C. A. Mrs. dressmaker       206
Darling Charles A. painter h 31 Cortland 206
Darrow Hill   plumber h   River, cor Water 206
Davis B. A.   emp. Wire Fabric Co. h 67 Main 206
Davis Benjamin   farmer h   Clinton 206
Davis Byron   emp. At Brockway’s h   James 206
Davis Fred   emp. Wire Fabric Co. h 6 Pine 206
Davis George   clerk h   Cayuga 206
Davis Julia Mrs.   h   Clinton 206
Davison Julietta   widow of Benjamin h   Caraway 206
Decker Ernest   painter bds   James 206
Delano F. Willoughby painter h   James 206
Delehant John   painter bds   Elm ave 206
Dennison Frank   laborer h   William 206
Dever James   peddler h 55 Cayuga 206
Deyo Richard H. (Newcomb & Deyo) h 11 James 206
Dickerson Harvey M. shop hand h   Spring 206
Dillenbeck C. D.   wood worker h   James 206
Dixson Eliza A. widow of Joseph R. h   S. Main 207
Dobbins Dennis   truckman and dealer in wood h 51 Cortland 207